Healthcare automation empowers you to prioritize meaningful work

Whether you're a payer handling claims forms or a provider charting during off hours, the workload can be overwhelming. But don't lose hope when the work you desire is overshadowed by what you must accomplish.

Achieve positive healthcare outcomes
through automation
Discover how automation can enhance your organization's resilience, prioritize patient or member centricity, and improve workforce experiences. Embrace the power of automation as the key to success.
Hours saved by automation after three years
$1 trillion
Known improvement opportunities in healthcare
30 - 40%
Lower cost of underwriting and claims processing with automation
Comprehensive Automation Coverage
In a world of point solutions, the DataGeekz Business Automation Platform does it all
Lower cost of care
Ensure tight integration between payers and providers to lower costs.
Data-driven healthcare
Transform document-based healthcare processes to intelligent, data-driven processes.
Holistic view of data
See all critical information and insights in one place for optimized decision-making.
Empowered workforce
Reduce manual work to improve staff retention, experience, and upskilling.
Property And Casualty
Transform your workflows from liabilities to assets
Trade fragmented, tedious, and risky for seamless, sleek, and secure. Automation connects disparate customer journeys, streamlines regulatory compliance, and weathers challenging market conditions through better operational agility.
Healthcare Payers
As a payer organization, you play a crucial role in health insurance payments. However, forward-thinkers recognize the opportunity to have a greater impact on the healthcare ecosystem. Datageekz business automation enables you to optimize traditional payer processes and evolve into a valued healthcare partner for providers and members.

Streamline and modernize claims processes effortlessly

Claims decisions no longer need to be a labor-intensive and costly endeavor. With intelligent business automation, you can minimize errors and automate adjudication processes seamlessly.

Explore these business use cases:

  • Multi-Channel Intake
  • Member & Provider Info Edits
  • Member Eligibility Validations
  • Medical Necessity Validations
  • Review Case Determination
  • Claim Processing Audit
  • Claims Adjudication
  • Claim Payment Adjustments
  • High Dollar Claims Audits
  • Post-Authorization Case Review

Enhance personalized care programs effortlessly

As a valued healthcare partner, you aim to offer innovative programs that enhance clinical outcomes and prioritize timely treatment for at-risk members. By leveraging comprehensive patient health information and personalized member insights, you can effectively collaborate with providers and engage with members.

Discover these business use cases:

  • High Risk Member Identification
  • Member Outreach Scheduling
  • Risk Assessment
  • Personalized Care Plan
  • Duplicate Case Identification & Merge
  • Eligibility Management
  • Questionnaire Management
  • Member Clinical History Data Gathering
  • Member Correspondence Letter Generation
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Monitoring Progress

Streamline provider data management effortlessly

Handling healthcare data can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, hindering efforts to enhance provider and member experiences. With business automation for provider data management, payers can play a central role in helping providers reduce costs and enabling members to achieve their health goals.

Explore these business use cases:

  • Provider Request Document Checklist
  • Roster Data Formatting & Mapping
  • Provider Data Updates
  • Provider Data Correction – NPI, PHIN, PIN
  • Provider Correspondence & Notifications
  • Sanctions Validation
  • Provider Taxonomy Management
  • NPI, Education & Address Validation & Verification
  • Provider Contract Setup
  • Payment Reconciliation

Achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.

Delivering accurate and timely information during customer interactions is vital for maintaining a positive reputation. Enhance your call center’s performance and Net Promoter Scores (NPSs) with reliable automation solutions.

Discover these business use cases:

  • Account Inquiries & Benefit Look-Up
  • Claims Status Request
  • Insurance Verification
  • Plan 360 View & Care Coordination
  • Pre-Certification & Authorization Status Check
  • Previous Call History Summary
  • Address Validation & Changes
  • Member Demographics Updates
  • COB Inquiries
  • Claim Billing Inquiry
Healthcare Providers
For healthcare providers, patient care should take precedence over administrative tasks. Datageekz streamlines processes, freeing up time for building relationships and delivering quality care, relieving the burden of paperwork and information management.

Streamline patient care initiation.

Efficiently onboard patients and expedite their journey into care. Business automation accelerates processes like insurance verification, scheduling, and document intake, ensuring a seamless transition from individuals in need to active patients.

Ask us about these business use cases:

  • Patient Onboarding
  • Scheduling
  • Insurance Verification & Eligibility
  • Document Intake
  • Referrals Management
  • Point-of-Service Collections
  • Financial Clearance & Planning Initiation
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Outreach
  • Pre-Certification & Prior Authorization Submissions

Enhance personalized care for faster recovery.

Unleash the power of patient data with healthcare automation. Providers can create tailored care plans and focus on healing, without being overwhelmed by data management.

Ask us about these business use cases:

  • Charge Capture & Coding
  • Documentation
  • Lab & Radiology Reports Triaging
  • Check-In
  • Check-Out
  • Lab Order Entry
  • Dx, X-Ray, & Radiology Order Entry
  • Medication Management
  • Phone Triage & Follow-Up Calls
  • Remote Visits & Monitoring

Accelerate revenue realization.

Streamline your revenue cycle management with business automation. By automating manual claims processes and payment management, you can optimize cash flow and focus on delivering exceptional care.

Ask us about these business use cases:

  • Prior Authorization
  • Insurance Claims – Posting
  • Patient Payment – Posting
  • Coordination of Benefits: Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary
  • Price Transparency & Real-Time Estimates
  • Revenue Integrity – Payment Audits (Under & Over)
  • Provider: Insurance Enrollment
  • Revenue Integrity – Charge Description Master (CDM) Management
  • Revenue Integrity – IME or IMR Audits (CMS & Medicare Advantage)
  • Insurance Claims – Denied & Rejected Follow-Up

Streamline operations. Enhance care delivery

Minimize administrative burdens and maximize care quality with automation. By reducing clicks and optimizing workflows, healthcare providers can focus more on patient interactions and efficiently manage essential tasks.

Ask us about these business use cases:

  • Clinic Staffing & Scheduling
  • Regulatory & Compliance Reporting
  • P&L Reporting
  • Charge Capture, Documentation & Coding Audits
  • HEDIS Reporting
  • Indexing & Routing Documentation
  • Care Coordination
  • Patient Communications
  • Population Health Management
  • Disease Tracking & Trending
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